About Flying Carrs Inc

I have had the privilege to create aerial photos and videos for local Atlanta, GA based commercial and residential real-estate clients, and Map Surveying . I've also worked on events such as flag football leagues, weddings, and Festivals. I enjoy doing all types of projects to help build my portfolio, but my favorite would be real estate, cinema shots, sports, and wedding events. Its priceless to see the reaction when people get to see the final cut.I am available for hire for all aerial jobs to include real-estate, mapping, surveying, events (wedding, corporate, etc)
Check me out on:
Instagram @flyingcarrs
and YouTube channel Flying Carrs

Sell 68% Faster w Drone Imagery
73% of Customers want Aerial
60% more Leads w Drone Video
403% More Views with Drone
207% ROI

Industries Servicing to:
Film & TV
Real Estate
Cell Tower Inspections
Water Tower inspections
Infrastructure Inspections
GIS & Mapping
Oil & Gas
Search & Rescue

Services include:
Research and Development
Risk Assessment
Software Solutions
Pilot Training



Demo Reel

Wedding Ceremony

City of Atlanta