About Bravo Charlie Productions - Aerial Solutions

Bravo Charlie Productions has flown many missions from Real Estate to 3d Modeling and understand that time is the most costly variable when it comes to business. Quality is a must have over quantity! We rely on a wide team to accomplish our work, all across Ohio. We are in fast growth mode and aim to be one of the TOP Aerial Solution companies in Ohio.

- Part 107 license from the FAA, over 400 hours of flight time and this increases every day.
- When shooting aerial photography we aim to catch "life" and to bring "resilience" into the photo.
- We believe that connecting with the client is very important to ensure their vision comes alive.
- Our team consists of engineers and graphic designers. We keep all work in house and you will have one direct contact through the stages of the project.

Among other things, we have a strong belief in family and friends, for they help mold us into who we are!

Thank you for you time and consideration!

- Brannon Criner / Bravo Charlie Productions



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