Droners.io Overview


Droners.io connects consumers & businesses with local, professional drone pilots to film their wedding, real estate, surf session, anything. Users can read reviews, compare prices and portfolios to make it easy to hire the pilot that best fits their needs and budget.


To make drone services accessible to everyone, safely & legally.

How it works

Users interested in hiring a drone pilot start by posting a job. They choose from 11 offered services, including weddings, real estate and events. Once the job is approved, pilots that are experienced and enjoy working with the specific type of job will be instantly notified. Pilots will begin submitting bids and asking for more details. From there, the user can compare reviews, portfolios and prices of every pilot that bids on the job. They can also use our messaging platform to ask the pilots any additional questions to help them decide which pilot to hire.

Once a pilot is chosen, and the work is completed, the user will pay their pilot by debit or credit card using our secure payment platform.

The full story

In May 2015, founder Dave Brown had the vision for Droners.io after receiving some drone footage of himself kiteboarding.

"Friends on my facebook would ask if someone in a helicopter took the photo of me kitesurfing. They were absolutely blown away by it and so was I. I knew it was something that the everyday person would love to have access to, whether it be to film their wedding, the house they are trying to sell, or a surf session. Before Droners.io, it was difficult for consumers to find and hire for these services." - Dave Brown, founder of Droners.io. Photo taken by Remi Drozd, PVD Aerial Productions

Dave, a senior software engineer and entrepreneur, has been building web applications for over 10 years. Over the last two years he has built several two-sided marketplaces including the Google funded CustomMade.com, a similar type of marketplace for makers of custom furniture, jewelry, leather, and anything else you can imagine. Armed with the experience of what it takes to build and scale a two-sided marketplace, Dave knew exactly what he needed to do to get Droners.io off the ground. Two months later, he launched Droners.io with a slew of features, including platform messaging so that clients and pilots could easily communicate togther, a secure online payment platform to allow clients to easily pay their pilot and reviews to help pilots build their brand and reputation.

Droners.io is headquarted out of South Kingstown, Rhode Island. During the summer, its very likely you could find the founder Dave Brown working out of his 1985 Volkswagon Westfalia camper bus, parked at the surfing & kitesurfing beaches along the south coast.

Just two months after it’s launch (Aug, 2015), Droners.io already has over 1200 pilot sign-up’s and they are watching that number continually climb. The Droners.io marketplace provides a unique opportunity for pilots to gain exposure and grow their business.

They are the only true two-sided marketplace that gives the user full control of who they are going to work with. Most sites want you to pay upfront for a service, and then they match you with a pilot behind the scenes - you never know the kind of work that pilot is capable of, which is even more important when it comes down to editing abilities. With Droners.io you're able to easily invite any pilot you think matches your criteria onto your job. Using their messaging platform, you can then easily discuss important details about your project with every pilot your interviewing.

The most popular services so far have been weddings and real estate, including lots of very original/interesting ways to use a drone. One user came up with the idea to have a drone pilot delivery an engagement ring while him and his partner were hiking in the woods:

"Hello Pilots! Looking to get a drone pilot with a drone with the ability to film and carry an engagement ring/box. Looking to go on a hike with my girlfriend and have a Drone come out of no where (in a designated spot) and have a drone come close enough to where I may grab the ring box and propose, while the drone continues to catch all the action on film."

Droners.io is drawing a great deal of interest internationally, particularly from the UK and Canada, and are considering expansion to those areas in the near future.

To become an approved pilot, the pilot must obtain the proper licenses to legally operate a UAV for commercial use.

Press Media / Graphics

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