Hi, I'm Zoroe!

I've been flying drones since 2014 but got into FPV about 4 years ago and it totally changed my life. I found a way to create visually compelling videos using a "flying camera" which opened up so many opportunities for me. I am also a content creator on YouTube with 11,000+ subscribers and growing, I've always loved creating content but using drones really captured all of my creative energy and heart.

I worked as a User Interface / Interaction designer for 20+ years, working for many of the tech giants in Silicon Valley but I made a decision to follow my heart and now I'm blissfully working on my first love which is content creation and have gone full time with it, having been fortunate enough to work on many projects for PBS as a Drone Op, traveling all around California and learning all about professional broadcast.

I fly with precision and can safely fly my drones through some pretty tight places indoors and out, so I would love to be able to use my skills for music videos, events or any kind of more specialized situations, although I enjoy the more traditional flying as well. Take a look at me reel and let me know if I could help you with your project! Thank you!
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