About ZOOM ImageWorks LLC

ZOOM ImageWorks has over 4 years experience flying drones and over 10 years of commercial photography and video experience. We specialize in the commercial application of aerial footage and work with clients to build awareness and grow sales.

There are many drones flying around these days. But it's not enough to buzz overhead and capture some video, add a little dramatic music and then expect customers to remember you. You only have seconds before they turn their attention to something more interesting. Our work is intentional, thoughtful and provocative. Our videos are designed with timing to excite audiences and help them remember you. We come from a marketing background and apply sound principles to how we capture footage and build your story. Sweeping across the sky, revealing the most interesting features, adding drama and suspense...this is how we help you sell what you do.

Yes, of course we are FAA licensed and insured. We follow safety protocols and plan carefully. We use professional gear including 4k stabilized cameras. Those are minimum requirements. Our focus goes well beyond the technology and lands soundly on your business needs. Work with us once and what we'll deliver will keep you coming back.


Corporate Overview Promotional Video - K&C Land Design

ZOOM ImageWorks Trailer

Company Overview - Pools By Design

Drone Footage Integrated Into Corporate Event

Drone Footage Integrated into Corporate Golf Outing Video Recap