Control Point Associates, Inc. provides the highest quality UAV imagery for a wide range of applications. Our certified pilots and staff provide solutions using the latest unmanned aerial technologies. UAVs offer cost-effectiveness and convenience to show clients an aerial view of projects, monitoring job sites to better ensure safe practices, inspections of difficult structures such as bridges, utility towers, buildings, and roofs, or supply accurate 2D or 3D deliverables.

Through the collection of survey grade data, Control Point can produce topographic maps and orthophotographs detailing current conditions of a given area for the preliminary design of roadways, site development, facilities management, utility or bridge engineering, and to aid or enhance GIS databases.

Control Point Associates, Inc. has the extensive experience, technological support, and trained staff to provide greater efficiency, quality, and success to your project goals regionally and nationally. Scroll down to view some of the solutions we provide.
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