Since first picking up a camera as a serious hobby nearly 10 years ago, I haven't looked back. What started as a hobby quickly escalated into a deep passion and side hustle. I love photographing landscapes and natural beauty as well, but photographing architecture and real estate is another kind of beauty. Most of my jobs are lots or properties for sale and that is where I cater my business. Many of my clients are agents looking for professional photos, but many are also private sellers looking for the same. I offer both interior and exterior traditional photos from the ground, incorporate HDR and exposure blending as needed, and proud to also offer aerial drone photography. I've photographed both average and high end properties and always strive to showcase best these places have to offer to help you sell faster.

While I haven't performed any drone photography for other types of business, I am open to doing so. I know my experience as a photographer can provide professional results. I always fly safely and within the rules of the FAA and local ordinances. Insurance is purchased based on the job requirements.
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