About G-Tek

At G-Tek we create high-quality aerial videos for almost anything and anyone. This can be for real estate properties, cinematic video business advertising, roof and property inspection, and special events. Our methods are state of the art, time efficient, and most importantly safe.

Real Estate Video - G-Tek provides cinematic, high-resolution aerial video that shows off properties and gives them a stunning and breathtaking look.

Advertising Video - We provide aerial video in a cinematic presentation of your business or services. Whether for your website, Facebook, or a YouTube commercial, G-Tek can help give you a “wow factor” in your presentation.

Roof and Property Inspection Video - Walking on any roof is bad for its lifespan and can not only risk damage to the roof but even worse, to yourself. At G-Tek, we can provide high-resolution videos for any kind of roof. G-Tek can help you improve your efficiency in conducting maintenance inspections of your property, buildings, towers, external or internal structures. We can help you see, in high-resolution video, places which are difficult to see or get to, saving you time and money.


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