My name is Thanat Tothong, and I have been in the drone industry for ten years. I have been a drone enthusiast since I was in a school in Thailand. Lucky enough, we were hired by a big-name gas station, Esso, during my college senior year to survey roofs and provide inspection reports for all of their gas stations which is over 160 sites a year. I was a pilot for most of the sites for two years before coming to the United States for my master's degree.

During my master's degree, I worked with drones in the university lab and flew them as my hobby. As much as I like drones, I am also a surfer who loves to record my friend's surfing. Here is an example of my video

After school, I decided to take the drone more seriously, so I took an FAA Part 107 exam and have had the license since Nov 2021.

I am confident in my flying skill with my experience, but the critical part of flying is safety which I never compromise. I will go above and beyond to make sure that I will land the drone safely on every flight that I fly.

My schedule is very flexible, and I am ready to fly. I am confident that I will be a perfect fit with you guys! Please do not hesitate to call or email me with more questions!

Thank you for reading,


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