Good afternoon,
My name is John Carter. I want to introduce you to our company and our services.

Precision Aerial Services, LLC is a Drone-based Aerial Imaging and data capturing company offering many services that are very beneficial to organizations like yours. We are SBA MBE/DBE, SBA HUB, INDOT MBE, KTC MBD\DBE, State of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan MBE & DBE Certified.

We take great effort to work closely with our clients to ensure that their projects are top-notch and a success. At Precision Aerial Services, we deliver what our clients are looking for when it comes to their projects.
Here is a brief overview of our company and why Precision Aerial Services is your best choice for your next project:
• FAA Licensed Pilots
• DOT Drug tested
• INDOT DBE Certified
• Over 20 years' experience flying model aircraft, helicopters, and FPV drones
• Over 30 years' experience as a professional photographer and videographer.
• Private Pilot since 1993
• $2 Millon Dollars in liability Insurance(We are insurable up to $15 Million)
• 3D Mapping and Ortho expert experience with and without Ground Control Points
• Expert users Pix4Dcapture, DroneDeploy, DroneHarmony, Litchi, Hanger.
• LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) experience in Zero Grid authorization
• Completed numerous data mapping flights for communication towers, Solar Panel installations, and more.
• Clients included MTV, BET, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, Hawaiian Tropic, and many other publications
A big difference with us is we enjoy working closely with our clients because the success of our client's projects is important to us.

For our engineering and construction clients, we typically offer the following services:

• Pre-site Aerial Video and Photographic imaging of the proposed job site and surrounding areas
• LIDAR and Photogrammetry pre-site Survey grade survey data collection Horizontal Position Accuracy 1 cm (0.032 survey foot), RTK Vertical Positioning Accuracy 1.5 cm (0.049 survey
foot), Absolute Horizontal Accuracy of Photogrammetric Models 5cm @ 100m Flight altitude (0.164 survey foot), 2.7 cm GSD, Sunny day.
• Site Progression images and videography, including hyper-lapse images
• General Photography and videography
• Ground/Earthwork Surveys
• Contours/Elevation map data
• Interactive 3D models of the project
• 3D Surface map data
• 2D Orthomosaic map data
• Volume Calculations or Volumetric data
• Stockpile Measurements
• Cut and fill data
• 3D point clouds
• 3D mesh models
• Land survey data
• Integration of aerial data with most major CAD and BIM applications
• Documentation of safety iniatives in practive.
• Documentation of restored preconstruction landscaping and infrastructure.

Let our company be the one who delivers the precision, quality, and pricing your project deserves.

Feel free to call. If we can help you with your project, we will offer our advice no matter if we get the project or not.

Thank You

John Carter
Precision Aerial Services LLC






Robert L.
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They were great to work with and delivered timely fixes when we had some issues with the LIDAR data sets. Would recommend!

May 10, 2023
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Drone T.
5.0 (5)   12 jobs posted


Thanks for the great flight and video. Just what we were expecting.

Sept. 10, 2021
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