In my experience in the drone industry, I have worked in various capacities, developing a comprehensive understanding of this rapidly evolving field. Initially, I started as a drone operator, gaining hands-on experience in piloting and managing drones for applications such as aerial photography and surveying.

A significant part of my journey includes my roles as a contractor for Bees360 and Zeitview. At Bees360, I conducted aerial inspections for property assessments, ensuring precise data collection and accurate reporting. This experience honed my skills in data accuracy and quality control. While working with Zeitview, I contributed to large-scale projects involving mapping and surveying for infrastructure development and environmental monitoring, enhancing my expertise in using advanced drone technology and managing large datasets.

In addition to these roles, I moved into more technical positions, including drone maintenance and software development, where I programmed autonomous flight paths and integrated advanced sensors. For personal and hobby projects, I have extensively used DroneDeploy and WebODM to create high-quality maps and 3D models, streamlining flight planning, aerial imagery capture, and geospatial data processing. My journey in the drone industry has been incredibly rewarding and fun, solidifying my commitment to advancing this technology for various beneficial applications.
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