Robert “Bobby” Irizarry was born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Puerto Rico. Grew up around music, television, and education. Both of my parents worked hard to provide and to have us experience the best they could provide. My faith in God have provided a passion to help others, my experiences with music, television and education have evolved to whom I am today.

I went to school early in life, I was four years of age when I started first grade. Graduated high school when I was sixteen and completed my Master degree in Counseling when I was twenty-one years old. Completed all my doctoral courses online and a portion of my dissertation in Educational Psychology, but did not get to graduate, long story. I have accomplished many things in my life including being able to help children in the Houston area as a probation officer, earned the honor to be names the Juvenile Probation Officer Caseworker of the year at the Harris County Youth Village, was named and earned the honor of being the Texas City ISD Hero of the Year Award, and others.

My interest in areal videography and photography have driven me to start my own videography company and help bring the highlights of individuals life special moments through videos and photography. Currently received my UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System – Drone) certificate to be able to fly my drones commercially. My interest in UAS started when I purchased my DJI Phantom 4 a couple of years ago. As a hobbyist I had so much fun that after I retired decided to pursue the FAA certificate. Wow now I am actually certified. My goal is to gain commercial experience. Without knowing I decided to help my former pastor and without being aware of possible consequences I took area videos of both the church roof to locate a possible leak and to show video footage of his house to arrange for repairs. I sincerely did not know what I know now or I would have not engaged in this activity. Wow I have learned a lot about airspace, especially the sectional charts.
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