I have been flying DJI Drones for years, and have extensive experience with building, maintaining, and flying drones of all shapes and sizes. I have worked on music videos, surveying, and livestreaming. Aerial photography has been a passion since 2015, and has kept my focus for years, allowing me to develop skills and experience that have aided me greatly.

My passions for aerial photography have led me to some amazing places. In the last few years I have backpacked in select portions of Oregon and California. Even when weight is at a premium on a backpacking trip, I still make space for my aerial photography equipment. There is a satisfaction that I get from capturing videos and images in places that not many people are willing to go, let alone backpack photography equipment. Being able to turn this passion into a career has been a goal of mine for years.


Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot