About Evan Smith

I'm a little newer to the drone and aviation scene, but have developed a deep passion for it over the last year. I've taken two in person and multiple online courses last year with the trade school Dartdrones, and am planning on going back for more training when I can afford it. I fly a Mavic Pro, and am very comfortable flying it, taking photos, and filming with it. I have a lot of apps that can be used to find out the weather, see what type of airspace I'm going to fly into, getting warnings of temporary flight restrictions, mapping out flights, and even the app called Verifly, which gives me anywhere between 1 million to 10 million dollars in insurance. I have a good understanding of the FAA's rules and regulations, and good at following them. I am open to any and all work that can be done with drones. I'd like to do freelance and contract work, but am also interested in being hired by a company as well. I am at an intermediate level of photography overall, but continuing to learn. I do not own any other equipment besides my phone, Mavic Pro and laptop, but will be purchasing an Inspire 2, GoPro and a Sony a6300 camera as soon as I can afford it.

https://www.ohwowgolf.com/ Also partnered with OhWowGolf to film golf courses.

Pay Rate: I'm unsure what to ask for or to expect. I'm hoping to make anywhere from 40k to 100k+ annually. I do understand that I am starting out, and I may have to work my way up for wages. But I will discuss wages with my employer or whoever is hiring me for work.

Also that video I uploaded was a small, poor quality edit I threw together on my phone quickly to finish up this profile. I'm just now learning about video editing and using Adobe Premiere Pro, and you would be getting 1080p, 2K or 4K footage, with much better editing.


Short Edit For Fun

Little something from Arizona trip