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Grandin Drone Grandin Drone
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Location Silver Creek, NY
Aerial photography draws people from all backgrounds, and while there are those who actively sought this or a similar profession, others were seemingly directed to it by some external force. Fate, destiny, whatever you prefer; this can move a person. Though I began my career at a major film manufacturing company (more years ago than I care to recall), I resisted the temptation to become a photography expert, and also achieve the “know-it-all” status that comes with it. Ensuing career positions involving product evaluation and inspection also led to related background areas, such as battery and consumer product testing, and standards and regulatory work. A few years ago, the drone industry was, pardon the pun, taking off. With my somewhat techie background, I became enthralled with drones and their capabilities. Also having done a number of real estate photo sessions with my wife, who owns a graphic and web design business, I realized the value of the drone. The idea for Grandin Drone was born! There were a few more things to iron out, though. How much do these things cost? Will I actually enjoy piloting a drone? Do I have any affinity for this kind of thing? What are the legal requirements? After stepping through each of these questions, and quite a few more minor ones I encountered on the way, I was finally able to commit to becoming a proper drone pilot. Humble beginnings filming and photographing the house, the yard, the orchard, the surrounding land, eventually led to exploration of unoccupied public lands. The results were better than expected. It was show time. The obvious starting point was real estate photography, and from there it was a simple progression to construction sites and roof inspections. While I’m probably not as young as your typical drone pilot, I consider this an advantage, as most of the younger pilots have not had the opportunities to experience the business world from my perspective. I’ve got a good deal of useful knowledge to pass along, as well as compelling, eye-catching images. Welcome to Grandin Drone. Life from above!
Member since Oct. 6, 2018
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Services Construction, Other, Real Estate, Roof Inspection
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