Microgravity Solutions is a drone-services company based in Austin, Texas. We provide aerial solutions to help you track progress on the job site, manage stockpile inventory, and create efficiencies in roof and infrastructure inspections while also decreasing your liability and labor costs.

Whether your business is commercial or residential, let us provide actionable data in a timely manner to help you make informed business decisions. We deliver professional images, videos, maps, and 3D models to give you the insight needed to take your business to the next level.


Construction Progress Monitoring
Microgravity Solutions offers a variety of services that can greatly benefit both residential and commercial construction projects of any size. We are able to provide valuable drone data at every step of the process: from marketing a company’s services, to design and construction progress monitoring, to ongoing building and infrastructure inspections.

At Microgravity Solutions, we can program repeatable flight paths to capture imagery from the exact same location and angle throughout the progression of your project so you can visualize the changes from one point in time to the next. We can also create 2D maps of the site using photogrammetry software to provide a scaled overview of the entire project.

Whether you need to provide progress reports to stakeholders, or coordinate logistics between various contractors, let Microgravity Solutions simplify the process by providing the deliverables you need to stay on track.

Progress monitoring deliverables can include:

- Cardinal Direction Photos
- Imagery obtained through pre-programmed flight paths that are replicated on each visit
- 360 degree /180 degree Panoramas
- Time-lapse progress videos
- 2D Orthomosaic Maps
- 4K video clips for marketing use

Stockpile Management
Let Microgravity Solutions help you better manage stockpile inventory on the job site in a fraction of the time it would take a ground-based crew. Through the use of photogrammetry software, we can provide accurate stockpile reports that will increase your inventory knowlege, while drastically reducing the cost and employee risk associated with traditional methods.

Mapping and Modeling
Mapping a construction site has always been a labor-intensive process that requires a lot of time, skill, and money. Microgravity Solutions can collect aerial data of your job site in a matter of minutes; all without disrupting your crew or the work being done. With the help of advanced photogrammetry software, we can provide high-quality maps and models that can be used to help you scout a new job site, conduct site safety checks, develop work plans, catch design conflicts before they become a problem, and track progress to site plans so that project managers can stay on schedule.

Mapping and modeling deliverables can include:

- 2D Orthomosaic Maps (GeoTIFF, KML, or Google Maps HTML files)
- Densified Point Clouds (.las, .laz, .xyz, or .ply files)
- Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
- Digital Surface Model (DSM)
- 3D Object Models
- Video Animations

Roof and Solar Inspections
The recent advances in drone technology have completely changed the ways you can inspect and measure roofs. Go beyond traditional roof-based data collection and let Microgravity Solutions speed up your workflow by providing aerial images and comprehensive Roof Reports. All in a fraction of the time (and risk) that it would take a crew to go on the roof and collect the necessary data! Less time spent on ladder assists and boots-on-the-roof data collection means more properties can be inspected each day.

Save time and resources by allowing Microgravity Solutions to gather aerial data for solar panel inspections. We can also use drone-mapping software to create a 3D model of the roof that can be exported as a DXF file for AutoCAD integration. Combine the 3D model with a Roof Report of measurements to create the perfect solution for customizing solar panel layout and design.

Infrastructure Inspections
Let Microgravity Solutions streamline your infrastructure inspection process by providing aerial data that can be reviewed and analyzed from any computer or electronic device. Experience significant labor and liability cost savings by not always having to send a crew to perform the inspection, while also gaining better actionable data through high quality images, video, and/or 3D models of your infrastructure assets.

Cell Tower Inspections
The cell tower inspection industry has the potential to benefit more than any other sector using drones for inspections. Some estimates show that inspection costs can be reduced by as much as 50%.

Let Microgravity Solutions help you experience increased efficiencies and cost savings on cell tower inspections:

- Receive high resolution images and video from all angles of the tower for inspections
- Images/video data can serve as permanent records of installation
- Receive digital 3D models and/or point clouds of cell towers, created using top-of-the-line photogrammetry software, that can be seamlessly
integrated with CAD software for final analysis
- Drastically reduce risk by not having a crew climb towers, which is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world
- Inspect more towers per day than a crew would be able to and have the ability to perform the inspection from the office
- Allow towers to remain functional during inspection
- Perform inspections at a fraction of the cost as sending an actual crew

Water Tower Inspections
Supplement your water tower inspection process with aerial data to create efficiencies and increase safety. Benefits and use cases include:

- Quickly identify damaged areas
- Conduct water tower inspections more regularly to catch early signs of degradation
- Help inspectors understand the tools needed for a repair before they arrive at the site
- Identify potential climbing hazards (structural damage, bee/bird nests, etc.)
- Compare data with previous aerial inspections to track changes over time
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