I am a hardworking and passionate individual who has a love for live events, photography, music and video production. The hardworking attitude stems from 10+ years of competitive sports and the passionate drive stems from the phenomenal qualities in music and the magic in capturing different moments on video. The experience I have gained at Drake University, the various jobs, and projects that I create on my own are pushing me to want to expand my knowledge and passion even more through the rest of my life.

I have a couple hobbies I dedicate myself to. Running, snowboarding, music, the outdoors and nutrition are big in my life. I also love tech and learning about the newest tech out there, so you will always find me tinkering or researching the latest gear or software to advance my skillset. I am very passionate about how I can advance and push my business and work forward to provide the highest quality possible, so rest assured you're in good hands!

A little about what I offer...I primarily fly a DJI Mavic Pro 2. I am covered with Verifly Insurance for up to 5MIL (10MIL in certain scenarios). Along with pre-recorded footage and image capture, I am also capable of sending LIVE 1080p drone footage to any switcher or any screen destination. I am a video engineer by trade, so I can also assist with the engineering of sending the video signal to single or multiple destinations at an additional cost if needed. So, If you need LIVE aerial footage of your special event, concert, sporting event, or any other production, I'm your guy!
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