About Dragonfly Visuals, LLC

My mission is to provide clients with many options for aerial footage capture that can be a unique story telling tool unlike any other. Our aerial cinematography team is ready to take on the most challenging tasks in just about any type of production. As part of the Dragonfly Visuals team I am dedicated to getting the best aerial shots for you. I don't do this as a hobby so connect with us and we will help you take your idea to the next level. I am very independent, self-starter, motivated and a creative professional with substantial verbal and written communications experience.
We are motivated and excited to shoot aerial footage and we will do our best to exceed each client's expectations. Safety of the cast and crew is our utmost priority so each Dragonfly Visuals' pilot will act as pilot-in-command and will have final say on wether to fly or not fly.

We strive to be as safe as possible and this is achieved through our thorough preparation and safety procedures. The drone is meticulously prepared on site and thorough pre-flight checks take place.



Malibu from the sky

A vintage promo when we first started

Just another day at the beach

Short clip of a train departing its station

Reel 2