As an extreme sports enthusiast I gained lots of experience in Skiing, Snowboarding, downhill long boarding, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, mountaineering, wake boarding and surfing. The best part is, I'm not afraid to take my equipment into these areas and follow you through the most rugged conditions.
For action sports I strongly recommend the use of go pros on race drones because we can keep up and catch beautiful footage in most high speed chases.
Another in house specialty Is macro flight for this we use small ducted drones which are safe to fly in close proximity to actors and other soft targets. for example if you needed a camera to pass between someones legs and then continue flying. This service is for you.

As is standard for most drone service providers we also offer film services using typical videography drones.

our extensive fleet includes a phantom 4 pro V2.0, parrot anafi, shendrone squirt(gopro hero 7). If you have special equipment requests we are happy to rent for you.

our biggest limitation for film is our video editing. we are good at lens distortion control to make our gopro look like a true wide angle cinema lens and putting together small edits. but for productions please use your own editors.

Im using pix 4d for mapping applications I have taken several online corses for it and am competent in the desktop and cloud based software.
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