About Walker Media Group

I had 2yrs Aeronautical School. Afer an on the job auto accident that left me permantely disabled. I learned to fly drones after I found out I could not return to my job of 20 yrs and needed something to supplement my disability pay. I obtained my FAA Licnese to fly them commercially for Real Estate since I have many friends that are Realtors. Although that has been my primary focus. I have been branching out and learning other services. I have had my footage used on the local news in Nashville and I am signed up to help law enforcement.
Real Estate Photography
Drone Photography
Land Mapping
Business Events
Cell Towers
Golf Course
Bridge Inspection
Utility Inspection
Crop Inspection
Railroad Inspection


Old Hickory Dam, Hendersonville, TN

NFL Draft Stage - Nashville, TN

Durham Farms - Hendersonville, TN

3 Torrey Pines Way Brentwood, TN