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Flights made 4
Average hourly rate $250
Locations Dunlap, IL - Dunlap, IL
ABOUT AEROSPACE UNMANNED SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS (AERO – USS): Aerospace Unmanned Systems and Solutions (AERO – USS) is launched with the vision to meet the mission critical requirements of its clients from initial planning to execution, to accomplishing the job-in-hand in the best possible way. As the name implies, the motivation behind this particular brand is to provide Engineering Solutions and Consultancy services to our clients in the Aerospace, Private and Commercial sectors to become successful players in the dynamic and rapidly evolving market of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). We are equipped with expertise, capabilities and all the right tools to perform drone missions up to your expectations. Job in hand will be completed under strict Guidelines, Rules and Regulations as imposed by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in The National Aerospace System (NAS). WE FLY THE UNMANNED SYSTEMS JOIN US TO BECOME THE UNMANNED! OUR SERVICES: 1. UAS FIELD MISSIONS: • Agriculture Farms and Fields Navigation: o HD Aerial Imagery & Video documentation for crops o Crops Inspections and Health Monitoring, Damage Areas Detection and Assessment • Infrastructure Projects: o Fast, Safe and Cost-Effective towards Damages and Defects Detection in Structures o Includes (but not limited to) Industrial Inspection for Bridges, Water Towers, Buildings etc. • Construction Projects: o HD Aerial Imagery & Video documentation of Construction Projects o Onsite Work in Progress(WIP) Analysis, Optimized method of Resources Allocation o Onsite Stock Piles / Inventory Monitoring and better management of workforce and key developments • Roof Inspections: o Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective towards Damages and Defects Detection and Assessment o Maintenance and Safety Issues Detection for Target Areas require Improvements and Upgrades • Insurance Claims and Documentation: o Detailed & Thorough Damage Assessment of properties for Insurance Claims with the Authorities o High Resolution Aerial Imagery & Video documentation for meeting your Insurance Claims Requirements 2. UAS AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT: • Search and Rescue Missions: o Hazard Analysis, Damage Assessment and Identifying Survivors; Humans and Wild Life o Assisting Emergency Response Teams in Efficient Resources Allocation towards efficient response time 3. UAS HANDS ON FIELD TRAINING / PILOTING: • Drone Hands on Field Training: o Basic and Advanced Flight training modules for Beginners ‘New Bees’ and skilled pilots o Basic and Advanced Flight Control maneuvers, Flight Handling Qualities (FHQ) and Techniques o Drone Mission Planning and execution using FAA Checklist, Tools, Resources and Safety Guidelines • UAS Maintenance and Safety Requirements: o Step-by-step training of ‘How to maintain your equipment’ to meet SAFETY using FAA Resources and Guidelines 4. UAS EDUCATION AND TRAINING: • FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Training: o Securing your UAS educational needs using all the study material; FAA Text Books, Manuals and Procedures o Customized road map and weekly study plans for passing FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT) with Flying Colors and becoming FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Certified Pilot–In Command 5. DRONE FOR EVERYONE INITIATIVE: o Basic and Advanced education on drones for Beginners and Professionals in the Aerospace, Private and Commercial sectors and Educational Institutions o Drone STEM Education Awareness, STEM Program Development and Support for educational institutes 6. UAS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: • UAS Research and Development: o Testing and Developing new drone capabilities for future Designs & Operations; o Understanding the changes and variations in the UAS AERO characteristics o Flight Performance & Flight Handling Qualities (FHQ) of Unmanned Aircraft Systems 7. UAS CONSULTANCY SERVICES: • UAS Education Development and Support: o FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT) Exam Preparation, Customized Study Plan and Guidelines o Drone Mission Planning & Piloting, Drone Equipment Maintenance Issues and support • Other Engineering Consultancy Services: o Depends on your organizational needs. You are always welcome to discuss! ABOUT KAMRAN JAMIL, THE FOUNDER AND THE OWNER: Kamran Jamil is the founder and the owner of the brand name Aerospace Unmanned Systems and Solutions (AERO – USS). Kamran is currently serving as Avionics Systems Engineer in the aerospace sector, is an INCOSE ASEP Certified Systems Engineer with active status of FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Certified Pilot- In – Command (PIC). Kamran received his formal aerospace engineering education from Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Ames Iowa. Kamran is an ISU Alumni and always prefer to be called “THE CYCLONE” and live with the same Spirit. Kamran started his career as an Avionics Systems Engineer from Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids Iowa. He has multiple years of work experience while supporting Commercial Aerospace/Avionics projects in aerospace industry. Proficient in Requirements Development, Requirements Validation & Verification (V & V), Requirements Based Testing (RBT) • Extensive testing, Validation & Verification experience of Safety-critical systems in aerospace commercial avionics • Aerospace / Avionics complex real-time embedded systems and Unit Under Test (UUT) development, testing, V & V Kamran is a Certified Systems Engineer with Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) certification from INCOSE – International Council on Systems Engineer; ASEP is a highly recommended and well recognized certification to System Engineering (SE) Professionals in the United States Aerospace industry and worldwide. Kamran is a FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Certified Pilot – In – Command (PIC) with number of Flight hours accumulated while performing missions on Drone Flight Simulator and Field testing. In addition: • An active, Full member of Academy of Modeler Aeronautics (AMA) with Flight hours in the Licensed Flying Fields • Private Pilot Ground School trained from Aardvark Aeronautics Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA
Member since July 18, 2018
License # 3988935
Insurance coverage $1.0 Million
Services Agriculture, Construction, Drone Maintenance, Drone training, Infrastructure, Other, Real Estate, Roof Inspection
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