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Urban Kixx Filming Urban Kixx Filming
Flights made 0
Average hourly rate $100
Location Four Corners, FL
Will travel up to 180 miles
Ive been a drone pilot for the past 5 years flying the phantom 1 back during the time when drones was new to everyone and the rules today was unknown and drone pilots was reckless in their flying. Today I'm a much drone pilot based on the current rules and experience I've gained from my flying experience . I've don't project for several auto dealerships and construction firms . I'm open minded and open to any video project . capturing your ideals and putting them to film is my goal. I put my heart and soul into recording and video footage as if it was my own because our memories is all we really have and I make sure whatever I record or photo I take is something Ive put my all into it. because at the end of the day all we have is what our memories have captured.
Member since Sept. 6, 2018
License # 4058130
Insurance coverage $1.0 Million
Services Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Event, Roof Inspection, Wedding
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  Sunshine Skyway
  Site Inspection
  Wedding Highlight Trailer
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