About Samuel Brown

TCI MiraCosta College ROV/Drone Technician/Operator Cohort 2 02/2019-06/2019
• Training and education as ROV/Drone Technician and Operator to join ROV/Drone industry
• Passed FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification exam 004/12/2019
• Built a UAS and a ROV as part of TCI MiraCosta College team

2011 Sierra College – Rocklin, CA
• AA - Business Administration, Accounting
• Graduated with Honors
Attended 2005-06 Kelley School of Business, IUPUI – Bloomington, IN
• MBA/MSSM Business and Strategic Management
• Dean’s List, completed 22 credit hours (did not graduate)
1990 University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA
• BA - Economics with an emphasis in Industrial Psychology
• Magna cum Laude

Lineman/Power Dispatcher
City of Riverside – Riverside, CA 05/2017-02/2018
• Worked on OH/UG secondary lines and primary 4kV/12kV Delta and Wye systems
• Promoted to Power Dispatcher: Monitored power flows, responded to emergencies, outages, customer needs, wrote detailed switching orders,
and established clearances

Pacific Gas & Electric – San Francisco & San Carlos, CA 08/2015-01/2017
• San Francisco Restoration Troubleshooter: Responded to voltage issues for residential, commercial, and industrial customers analyzing causes
and restoring power. Investigated outages caused from wire down, fuses blown, and primary tripped breakers to restore power
• San Carlos HQ lineman on secondary voltages and primary voltages up to 21kV OH/UG Distribution Systems to build, maintain, and/or restore
damaged power systems using hot sticks and rubber gloves on energized systems
• Used SCADA computers, communicated with field generation personnel regarding alerts and alarms

Generation Dispatcher
Northern California Power Agency – Roseville, CA 09/2013-10/2015
• NCPA’s Generation/MSSA system: Generation Dispatcher for aggregated municipal power purchasing agency.
• Improved switch writing and switching logs used by NCPA Dispatchers. Educated Dispatchers and Scheduling Coordinators in safety, line work
procedures, electrical equipment, and relays.
• Managed and directed NCPA electrical systems switching. Bought and sold power as needed to maintain NCPA Pool balances. Maintained load
following capability within an ACE type band

System Dispatcher, Transmission, & Distribution System Operator
Pacific Gas and Electric Company – San Jose (Edenvale) & Vacaville, CA 08/2011-10/2013
• Created and wrote complex switching to direct IBEW personnel, line and substation, in safely performing switching during normal procedures,
unscheduled outages, and storms
• Switched 12kV to 500kV overhead lines, substations, and 12kV to 69kV underground systems
• Monitored and switched the power grid to maintain system stability and reliability
• Used cap banks, transformer banks, and reactors to adjust and maintain voltage within proper limits per WECC, NERC, and CAISO
• Communicated extensively with WAPA, NCPA, CDWR, and other major power agencies
• Trained apprentices and shared personal electrical field experiences with less knowledgeable operators
• Promoted to System Dispatcher CAISO liaison leadership position
Electric Power System Operator/Lineman
Roseville Electric – Roseville, CA 07/2006-08/2011
• Maintained maps and programmed and created Survalent SCADA I/O screens
• Monitored system status, received customer calls, directed and wrote switching for 12kV and 60kV overhead and underground systems
including substations
• Coordinated switching and outages with Roseville Energy Center and WAPA
• Communicated power issues to SMUD, WAPA, and ACES power scheduling agency
• Lineman for 9 months at Roseville before becoming System Operator
• NERC Certification – TO200905040 (Expired 5/2018)
• WECC Certification – WX1192001610
• IBEW Journeyman Lineman – D771449
• FAA Part 107 sUAV Certification

Additional Information and Skills:
• Selected as member of PG&E Apprentice Training Committee designing new Transmission Operator apprenticeship program, 2012- 2013
• Selected as member of City of Roseville Retirement Medical advising/negotiating team and a member of the Investment Committee
• Leadership: Toastmasters District 39 Division F Chief Judge, 2010 – 2011. Invited to become Regional Chief Judge
• Leadership: President/VP of Education of Rose Masters Toastmaster’s Area 61, CLUB # 1210977 - 2009 to 2011. As President increased
membership by 100%. As VP of Education, kept members moving through manual projects, achieving higher communication and leadership
skill levels
• Achieved Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)/Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) levels
• United Way Loaned Executive: Met 100% of goals set for low expectation donation segment
• Maintained continual improvement in verbal and written communication skills
• Created, coordinated, organized, and led training activities in work and volunteer settings
• Used computers, electronic devices, and Microsoft Office software
• Intense creativity and strong performances in theater and musical arts


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