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Drone Imagery Experts Drone Imagery Experts
Flights made 1
Average hourly rate $175
Location North Babylon, NY
I have been Firefighter with the FDNY for 15 years. I have spent the last 2 years in CTU "command tactical" UAS In command tactical we respond to all types of emergency Deploying UAS drones (Unmanned aircraft systems drones) to monitor the situation and live stream video to the IC "Indecent Commander" and headquarters so they can make command tactical decisions. I'm one of 5 firefighters licensed FAA drone pilot in the FDNY that are allowed to fly drones in NYC airspace. Most of my experience is flying drones in an emergency situation having no room for mistakes with more than 100 flying hours logged between the FDNY and my drone business. I started Drone Imagery Experts in 2017 taking my passion and experts to the public sector. Starting in real estate media marketing then expanding into short commercials for website marketing and outdoor wedding and videography. Expanding into Agriculture and infrared technology inspection. Certification/Licenses FAA 107 UAS pilot license sUAV/Drone Search and Rescue Certification sUSA/Drone Precision Agriculture Certification Connect with your guests, fans, and audience to promote and share the best moments from your event in a memorable and impactful way. DRONE CINEMATOGRAPHY We operate top of the line drones to capture the highest quality 4k imagery. Our professional team has the skills, expertise, and equipment to meet any of your project needs. DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY Our passionate for Photography shows in our work. Our experience, expertise, creativity, and attention to detail guarantee that you are getting the best available. REAL ESTATE MARKETING We can improve the visibility of your business location, sell your client’s property with vivid photos and seductive aerial video, and capture any other subject beautifully from the air with multi-altitude still images and video services that will get attention from the clients and customers you are after. Combined with our aerial photographs our affordable aerial videos can increase your company’s exposure as well. Aerial photographs not only exemplify the beauty of a property but also showcase the fine details that it has to offer and help sell the property by offering a unique overall perspective as opposed to the narrow visual perspective one gets from images of the back yard or driveway; all being bits one needs to piece together to understand the whole and many customers lack the ability to process all of this visual information to gain a comfortable overall perspective. They also offer a geographic understanding of the surroundings such as schools, beaches, golf, shopping, and the area as a whole which adds a great deal of value toward sales and marketing.
Member since April 13, 2018
License # 4047947
Insurance coverage $1.0 Million
Services Agriculture, Boating and water sports, Cinematography, Drone Maintenance, Drone training, Editing, Real Estate, Wedding
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