About Airworks Imagery LLC

John holds a Remote Pilot certificate from the FAA, and enjoys aerial photography for residential & commercial real estate, as well as inspection, construction, and mapping.

John flies a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, using the DJI Go4, or DroneDeploy apps. Any necessary post-production is usually performed in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications (Photoshop, Light Room, Premiere Pro, etc.)

John has completed "onboarding" training for Commercial Real Estate, EagleView & Full Residential Property Inspection, Planomatic, and Stockpile Reports. He is proficient using DJI Go4 for photography and videography; and DroneDeploy for planning and flying mapping missions. He uses WebODM if your mapping project requires orthomosaics or 3D models, in addition to delivering the individual images.

While at Boeing (now retired), John held FAA Repairman certificates for Large Aircraft Structures, Systems, and Accessories Inspection. For over a decade, John held the position of Senior Quality Assurance Manager for the military portion of Boeing’s FAA-certificated Repair Station in Seattle. John studied Electronics Technology at the University of Alaska, Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from City University. John (or “Tony”, as friends and family call him) and his wife, Sharon, live in Redmond, WA and have three grown children and four grandchildren. In their spare time, Tony and Sharon enjoy camping in and around Washington State, and visiting the many excellent wineries in the area.


Commercial Real Estate - Exterior

Residential Real Estate - Exterior

Mapping, Ortho-Photos and 3D Models

Residential Real Estate - Exterior with Google Earth Tour