About Tomm Venable

Hello! I’m Tomm, a media project manager and commercially licensed UAS pilot with hundreds of hours of flying and video editing under my belt. I’ve flown everything from international mega-resorts, to local real estate, to the innumerable natural wonders across the United States. For me, flying and creating beautiful videos is a passion first and a business second. I’m well practiced with a number of video editing programs, especially Adobe Premiere Pro. Additionally, my years of experience in the Army as a Paratrooper and my work in privatized security give me extensive skills in logistical planning. Please reach out to me if you need help planning an upcoming project. Every successful operation comes from careful planning and good communication. Check out my portfolio, and let me help your ideas take off!


Pianos and fireworks

Tomm Venable's Highlight Reel!

Tomm Venable's Highlight Reel!

North California Beauty (Hobby Video)

Arizona Beauty featuring the Grand Canyon (Hobby Video)