I picked up droning and I took the Grossmont College program for drone cinematography and photography and loved the whole program and that is still my focus and love creatively and I am looking to do more of that. But I have also stretched my skill set and added to my skills with drones in getting training for transmission line inspection, cell phone tower/ communication tower inspection, sports pole lighting inspection, as well as continuing commercial real estate and Drone Cinematography for the entertainment industry such as for high profile clients like Netflix. I have had so much fun on these projects and I am looking forward to more projects to come soon, and I am open to providing value for more customers who are in need of drone Cinematography, photography, editing or surveying and inspection. I am also interested in learning drone mapping and have learned a little bit about those 2-D and 3-D programs.


Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot