A lifelong background in illustration & design aesthetics truly set the foundation all my creative endeavors would ultimately be built upon. As a child of the 80's who lived through the technology shift from analog to digital while growing up with video games, sci-fi movies & the newborn world of personal computers, it was only natural that I find my passion in the marriage between visual art & emerging technology. It was while pursuing a degree in Multimedia Production that I fell in love with filmmaking and visual storytelling and had my first glimpse of the potential drone technology had for visual impact well beyond what was possible in recent years. Ironically, the isolation & moratorium on collaborative projects that occurred at the onset of a global pandemic soon after earning degrees in Multimedia & Film Production forced me to rethink how I could engage in film & photography while isolated from people. Now i'm flying a robot with a hi-resolution camera 400' above the earth and I couldn't be more excited to take on projects that allow me to pursue so many of my passions all at once. Piloting a drone is something I wake up looking forward to every day, and I hope I can share the experience of unmanned flight and all the potential it holds with you or your company in any number of projects you may have in the future!
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