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Anez Consulting Inc. Anez Consulting Inc.
Flights made 0
Average hourly rate $100
Location Willmar, MN
We offer our clients a custom experience in the following areas: -Real Estate -Promo Videos -Aerial Inspections -Aerial Imagery/Videography -3D Modeling/Contours -VARI Plant Health Analysis - And More Before a Flight: We like to meet with the client to get a good representation of the project and create a plan to offer the client exactly what they want. During the Flight: Here at Anez Consulting safety is a high priority and we ensure our flights will provide the data you want while doing it safely. We are fully insured to provide our clients the peace of mind while we are on site. After a Flight: We are able to provide raw data or a fully edited presentation that can be used for marketing. This allows us to meet your budget with multiple options available.
Member since Feb. 11, 2019
License # 1993509
Insurance coverage $1.0 Million
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