About sUAVe Industries

At sUAVe Industries, our mission is to exceed the client’s expectations with every project we deliver.

We are dedicated to providing our clients cutting edge solutions for project monitoring, industrial inspection, real estate marketing media, and aerial data capture projects.

We have the right platforms and only utilize the most advanced software in the industry to provide solutions for:

Utility Companies
Construction Companies
Real Estate Agents
Sporting Facilities
Insurance Companies
Government Agencies
Media Organizations
We can shoot the job for you or even provide industry consulting and training to help you implement UAVs into your business platform.

As one of the first operators nationwide to be issued the new FAA Part 107 license, we can further assist anyone who wishes to learn to fly or to study for the FAA Part 107 License.

When it comes to overall quality, our track record at sUAVe Industries speaks for itself. Our dedication to quality coupled with the industry’s best software guarantees a finished product that will take your breath away!


Drone Demo Footage - Santa Barbara CA