NOTE:*********I will not be available for jobs until March 2018************

I can provide your company or farm with accurate data when it comes to your project. For farms/crops, I am able to take still shots of an area and calculate problems, possible damage, and estimate yields for you.

With real estate, I'm able to take several still shots and 'stitch' them together to create a 2D or 3D image of the area. I can even provide roof insurance photos. I also use a 4K handheld gimbal camera to capture residential or structural interior video and images.

For construction, I'm able to take images and digitally recreate your worksite, enabling you to check the progress of material volume needs, layout of the site, and inventory of equipment.

Once I've collected the data and process it, I can easily email it to you in several formats for your review. (.tif, .obj, .las, .jpg)

**All bookings shorter than 1hr will be charged a minimum fee of $100.00**


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