About Sofa Sunday Productions, LLC dba Pleasant Hill Drone Service, LLC

Our Goal provide content that works, safely and affordably. Advertising, Promotions, Property Sales, Aerial Mapping, Inspection/Data Gathering Pleasant Hill Drone Service provides, Aerial Video Photography Services. Editing, Raw & 360 views. Licensed and Certified, we operate in compliance with FAA Part 107, OSHA Certified. The right view and experience matter to us through dynamic high definition aerial video and photography, with state of the art equipment, techniques, visual and precision work. Our Drones also act as a data information platform and as a measurement instrument for many surveying applications, capable of producing imagery in 20 megapixel resolution and all basic image formats including raw. Our drone photography and videography can help you demonstrate your capability for a multitude of projects. Surveying earthwork or capturing the facade of any vertical or oblique structure, any residential or commercial needs promoting a listing and highlighting its best features in a captivating fashion. Pleasant Hill Drone Service can also use promotions to reach your market in a way no conventional method can.
Pleasant Hill Drone Service is a family owned company. We love to amaze our clients and their customers with Dynamic Aerial Video and Photography. We also provide video editing, voice over, audio, back ground music, text & graphic over lay, suitable for virtually any need. 360 Aerial Views and Panoramic views.


Video Production for Dogwood Energy. Gas fired Power plant

Promo Video with voice over

Promo Video for Cass County Fair 2018


Residential Realty Video with background music simple Graphics