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Steven Williams Steven Williams
Flights made 0
Average hourly rate $100
Locations Las Vegas, NV - Suwanee, GA
Initially getting into the sUAS operations I did mostly freelancing for local real estate agents or local companies looking to advertise their brand from a different perspective using not just your typical DJI Gps sUAS but also using FPV racing drones to fly through buildings and properties to give a different view. Being the only sUAS drone store in Las Vegas eventually brought me bigger gigs such as commercials for Ford, Local dispensaries, Inspections for Las Vegas High rises, Agriculture Inspections, PG&E Energy inspections working directly with Precision Hawk inspecting PG&E Energy asset and providing them with in a 2 man team. I also have worked Boarder Patrol in El Paso TX/ New Mexico, on this contract I was required to survey land and work directly with Local Boarder Patrol on detaining illegal immigrants, part of this job required me to fly under a Night waiver using inferred to survey local traffic hotspots during night.
Member since Aug. 22, 2019
License # 4009624
Insurance coverage $3.0 Million
Services Agriculture, Boating and water sports, Cinematography, Construction, Drone Maintenance, Drone training, Editing, Event, Infrastructure, Other, Real Estate, Roof Inspection, Surveying & Mapping, Wedding
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