Shelby Consulting, LLC is a privately owned firm dedicated to providing the best drone services possible. Starting in 2014, with my prior engineering/survey employer, I started my own drone program and began flying quad-wing drones. While my initial experience flying drones was more technical driven, (i.e.) creating 3D digital surface models, boundary surveys, 3D volumetrics, just to name a few, acquiring basic 2D aerial photography became a basic necessity. My areas of expertise cover a vast array of service lines, including (but not limited to) aerial imaging and video, real estate, cartography and surveying, inspection and monitoring, agriculture, population surveys, search and rescue, construction, and environmental assessments. My background is in GIS, where I am a professional of over 23 years. I also have my GISP certification and as of 2017, my FAA Pilot Certification. As drones are continuing to push even further into our work flows, its obvious they are here to stay. Let me help you or your company utilize this cutting edge technology by contacting Shelby Consulting, LLC today!

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