About Elecam Dronewerks

If your company needs to utilize a drone for marketing your business, selling commercial or residential real estate, or above ground inspections of structures, Elecam Dronewerks can deliver professional video and still images consistently, and on time. We utilize drones with up to 4k video, and 20 megapixel still image capability, which can produce beautiful results for your marketing purposes. We also use Nikon DSLR's, Nikon professional lenses, and high quality strobes to produce stunning interior images. Elecam Dronewerks operates under FAA part 107 rules, and carries a minimum of $1 million liability insurance. We also have a certificate of authorization from the FAA that allows us to operate in Class D airspace for the Albany, Georgia area. Elecam Dronewerks is the source for all your drone video and still image needs.


Hidden Lakes In Albany, Georgia

146 Hank Drive In Leesburg, Georgia