We know your project is important to you and sounds very exciting to us, please share you expectations and deliverable's, shot requirements for pictures and/or video, project location, and project timelines. I am positive we can meet or exceed your expectations. Our niche is real estate, property management, construction, infrared thermal inspections and infrastructure inspections.

SkyRyders LLC typically will use a DJI Mavic 2 Pro (w/4 batteries), Phantom 4 Pro (w/12 batteries), or an Inspire 1 Pro (w/8 batteries) using X3/X5 and DJI Flir Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera Radiometric 640 30hz 13mm cameras with various lens / filters based on aerial shot requirements.

SkyRyders LLC applies the thermal technology for the following industries or activities:
Search and Rescue
• Identify irrigation problems
• Water distribution patterns
• Examine plant health
• Livestock Monitoring
Roof and Building Inspection
• Heat leaks
• Moisture buildup or entrainment
• Failing HVAC components
Infrastructure Inspections
• Utility Inspections
• Electrical lines
• Transformers
• Substation Inspections
• Cell Tower Inspections
• Solar Panel Inspection

2D & 3D Mapping

For video and ground work we use two - Osmo Pro’s (8 batteries) uses the same lens as the Inspire 1 and we have various Nikon and Cannon DSLR cameras with DJI Ronin-S 3-axis gimbal, supported by a multitude of photography and video gear for both still photography and video. We have remote charging capabilities extending our field work capacities.

We generally take JPEG and raw still photos for post editing and typically submit more photos or video than requested, as we believe in exceeding customer expectations. Depending upon your flight requirements or shot location, flight requirements and surrounding areas may fall in FAA controlled air space limited to 100 - 400 ft AGL. Your project may fall into specific controlled air space or FAA may impose Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR's) depending on unique circumstances. We do have some COA's (both waivers and authorizations) on file but may be obsolete for your location. Concurrent to active FAA authorizations, additional waivers or specific authorizations may be required which may increase the project time line.

We take our work very seriously with safety being our number one concern. If you are looking for low budget, shouldn’t take more than 15 minute approach, scheduling needed by tomorrow, we probably are not your best choice as project assessments, equipment and air craft inspections, validating air space authorizations, weather and scheduling considerations, mission planning, flight safety plans, travel time, establishing ground base area and the actual data acquisitions must happen with each and every flight.

If you wish further details, know more about our company, view a standard proposal for our services, or require additional information concerning your location or our availability, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

To view our standard intro, terms & conditions or other important documents, please visit our web site. Photos and video can be found on our Facebook page SkyRydersLLC.

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