About Sky Dimension Media

We specialize in many different applications with drones.

Real Estate aerial photography and videography is one of our most popular services. Whether it is maximizing the property and home with still images or creating a compelling video with the aerial motion of the drone and music, we can do it all.

Agricultural mapping of fields to monitor crop health, crop count, erosion, and elevation helps to provide new and innovative data to farmers and agronomists.

Marketing is a very broad, yet useful tool when using a drone. Whether you are using the drone for the entirety of your media, or if you are sprinkling it in to add another angle, you cannot deny how powerful an aerial shot can be.

Look at all the projects we have done with some of the examples in our portfolio!

So go ahead, put your head in the clouds.



Waterfront Real Estate

Lacrosse Training Promo

Dogs and Drones


Elegant Snow

1st Snow 2017

2139 Bluebell Road

4001 Elder Road

2850 Aspen Road

3159 Holland Cliffs Road

A Day of Crabbing with Bassrack Outdoors

Kubota Field Day

Southern Maryland Waterfront Farm