About Sky Blue Views

Helping customers evolve their business by leveraging the worlds next disruptive Technology. Drones are creating new Data Driven Insights that Save Money, Increase Revenue and Save Lives.
• Initial focus has been increasing Realtors business by Selling Homes Faster, for Higher Prices and Getting More Listings with Aerial Imagery, HDR Photography and video based Virtual Showings. Also Piloting lots of great Drone Video and Photos for Customer Marketing.
• Relocated to Inland Northwest so I can get closer to the Forestry Business as they are the next Industry working to extend their capabilities with On Demand Drone Data.
• Using RGB Mapping (Photogrammetry) today, moving into Thermography and LiDAR Sensors to further increase Yields, Validate Inventories and Manage Timber. Improving the efficiency of Foresters and GIS Analysts with Great Maps, On Demand. Working on new Fire related deliverables.
• Utilizing my Data Processing Expertise to deliver solutions that simplify the creation of insightful analytics.


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