About North Georgia Drones

Graduated from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo with degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Mathematics. After graduation I worked at Boeing, Seattle, for two years as a flight test operations engineer on the 737 and 747 flight test programs. Left Boeing to join the US Navy where he spent 9 years as a Naval Aviator. While in the Navy, I taught instruments and tactics (bombing, low level flying, dog fighting and carrier landings). He deployed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk as an A7 attack pilot.. I am an instruments rated commercial pilot. After leaving the Navy, moved to Atlanta and worked in the computer technology industry for pass 30+ years in various roles (programmer, development manager, product managers, marketing manager, project manager, sale engineer). Formed North Georgia Drones in 2015. Licensed by the FAA to conduct commercial drone operations and have logged 220+ hours of drone flight time,


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