About Sierra Aeriform

We at Sierra Aeriform have the ability to give new visual perspective to properties, structures, mapping & survey, thermal and sporting events. We capture aerial still and video images from nearly every conceivable angle and appropriate legal altitude. Utilizing separate pilot and camera-sensor operators, we can deliver HiDef 4K video and HiRes stills. Keeping the pilot and camera-sensor operators separate was a key reason we were selected so shoot for The Discovery Channel & Arrow Media. These images come to life when we add motion through horizontal and vertical pans, diagonal lifts, fly overs, fly-in and fly-away views. Our professional post production video editing turns ordinary imagery into short presentations of art and music. We also support mapping and survey with Pix4D post processing and other spatial products.

Sierra Aeriform's typical customers are realtors, local government, engineering-survey companies, composting companies, and manufacturing plants. We also do custom shoots as requested. We are constantly seeking out new business solutions that result in actionable information.


Mountain Top Real Estate Shoot

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