FAA Part-107 Licensed specializing in drone photography and videography for both Residential and Commercial Real Estate, as well as business entities interested in elevating the look of their social media and web based platforms with aerial imagery. We also fly and produce content for local production companies and ad agencies.

I have recently completed the latest FAA sUAS recurrent test ALC-677 where as of April 21st, 2021 I can complete commercial night time operations as well as flights over people.

Pricing on the right hand column are estimates / averages. All of my services are based around one of the following pricing models; job specific package, half-day, full-day or on retainer. I can also provide ground level / interior photography for Real Estate projects.

Feel free to reach out for more details.

  Cinematography, Editing, Real Estate

  Real Estate

  Cinematography, Real Estate

  Cinematography, Editing, Real Estate

107.29 - Daylight Operations (Exp: April 23, 2023) - Fly a UAS at night

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