About Robert Mays

I have been flying drones for 5+years and working with them for 6. I started working with drones while working at a local hobby shop. I have flown several sizes and types of drones as a hobby with my specialty being aerial photography and video as hobby. I have a directors eye and even do some editing to my own videos using Adobe Premier. I love doing drone photography and video because it allows me to be creative. I have flown a hand full of jobs and love brainstorming with clients to get the best picture or video possible for their needs. I do not consider any job out of my ability or beneath my talents. Any opportunity to fly and be both cameraman and director is fun to me. I am just starting out doing drone based photos and videos professionally. I am open to doing any of the services listed in my profile and even ones not listed if needed. Always interested in learning something new and willing to try to put my skills to use.


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