Sea Air Land Media specializes in aerial and land cinematography and photography. With over 30+ years in photography and aerial content since 2017. Sea Air Land Media and Serge Azadian as the Pilot in command is FAA sUAS Pilot 107 with night-time waivers and blanket FAA airspace authorization for most of Southern California.

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Aerial Cinematography / Photog.
Advertising / Action Scenes
Aerial Live Feed To TV RemoteTruck
BVLOS / Fully automated deploys
Building Inspection Photography
Cinematography / Photography
Commercial / Product Shots
Commercial / Residential
Construction Progress Report
I.S.R (Intel. Surveillance Recon)
Image processing
Law Enforcement Training
Post Production/ Coloring .
Studio Photography
Still Photography /Video Production
Perimeter Inspection / Overwatch
Project / Production Management
Travel Logs / Photojournalism
Mapping (orthomosaic) grids.
Real Estate Aerial & 360 Birds’ Eye
Search & Rescue / Grid Mapping

Aircrafts: DJI : Matrice 210 / Inspire2/ Phantom 4 / Mavic 2 Pro.
Payload : Zenmuse X5s , Hasselblad
Cameras : Nikon D810 series
Lenses : All pro Nikon Lenses
Lighting: Studio / Location lighting.

Post production:
Adobe CC, Davinci Resolve,
Final Cut X
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