About Sea Air Land Media

Serge is an award winning photographer, a Getty Images contributor, focusing on aerial assignments. He first launched his Semi-Pro career in the mid-80s in Beverly Hills mainly working on commercial assignments, Studio work, and freelance shoots for the fashion and music industry. A 4th generation photographer influenced by his great grand parents who operated a studio in Europe since the early 1900s.

Pilot Rating: FAA P107 VFR sUAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
Insurance: Fully insured Property damage per Assignment or blanket coverage based on client or property requirements .
Aircrafts and gimbals DJI: Phantom 4 / Inspire 2
Nikon Pro Gear : D810 cameras / All Nikon Lenses.
Post Production: Adobe Creative Suites / Photoshop / Final Cut Pro X
Location shoots: Local Assignments 100 miles radius.
Travel Assignments: Available Domestic or International.


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