I have love for aviation and anything that flies since I was a child. Grew up watching my dad flying military aircraft jet and I was hook.
Joined the Navy in 2001, and I was lucky to be selected to be part of one of the elite fighter squadrons out of NSA Oceana, assisting with the F/A 18 date to date maintenance, insuring that, providing a capable and safe aircraft for our pilots.
I decided to finally get my pilot license to achieve a child dream. Upon receiving my pilot, my son and I, joined the civil air patrol to mentor our youths by volunteering with a such great organization.
I own a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, and I’m looking to expanding my skillet into drones. I’m open to all challenges. My military career has prepared me to do just about anything.
I look forward to engage and delivering outstanding products and results to achieve your customers objectives.

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