About SEAWOLF skypix

Making something out of nothing is a challenge I embrace, and seeing the smiles I put on people's faces makes it all the more worthwhile. I've spent so much hours flying/filming for friends and their friends, that my wife suggested that I should get paid for it. And just like that, SEAWOLF skypix was born. SEAWOLF is short for Sebastian and Wolfgang (my sons), and they, along with my beautiful wife, are essential part of this company, as well as the source of my idea and inspiration.

SEAWOLF skypix provides an aerial outlook into amazing possibilities. I look forward to the task and embrace the challenges of creating something worthy to be called "art". Every client is different with unique interpretations of art so I will cater to each accordingly and create a package that will fit the budget . I don't just take pictures ( anyone can do that ) - I make memories. Thru me you will get an alternative view of angles only captured through flight. An artistic aerial image of perfection is what I strive for, yet an extremely happy client is my ultimate goal.


Commercial sites

Condo by the sea

Cliffside wedding

Corona corner home


Mercedes Benz dealership

Music video

Golf course wedding

Wine country estate

Long Beach beachside condo

Dessert flight

tucked in the hills wedding

close to everything apartments

portland ct, temecula ca

water tower


Student film "by the beach"

Home on its own hill

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need windows?

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dessert music video

my favorite drugstore

rap vs country pop

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