We are a full service aerial imaging company. Our projects range from small scale operations to large, complex projects that cover hundreds of acres. Our services can be divided into three main areas: Agriculture, Construction, and Photography.

In agriculture, we fly specialized cameras that measure in not only typical RGB, but also in very specific wavelength bands in the red edge, near infrared, etc. We then develop the imagery into vegetative indices such as NDVI. This is incredibly important to agronomist because it allows them to analyse the health and vigor of the crop and early detect disease and infestation. Consequently, these organizations can predict yields and reduce operating cost.

Seaside Engineers works with many contractors, engineers and surveyors. The bread and butter of our construction work is job site progress documentation. We also have the tools and skills to perform aerial surveying and mapping for our engineering and surveying clients. We produce orthomosaic imagery, digital surface models, and 3D point clouds. Seaside Engineers offers volume calculation services, as well as 3D interactive models and fly-through videos for unique presentation and marketing.

We work with a lot of smaller clients doing aerial photography and filming. As expected, the majority of these clients are realtors; however, we have shot for individuals, city governments, state agencies, web content providers, contests and sporting events.

Seaside Engineers was previously Digital GIS Aerial Imaging
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