About CyberdeckFlights

As a native to Florida and many years in a technical field, Sean Haga, Owner of CyberdeckFlights found a hobby in building and flying many UAS platforms. His wife has a major in Multimedia Production. With the combation of their skils, The sky is NOT the limit!

CyberdeckFlights has obtained all necessary FAA permits to operate their UAS platforms for commercial use, opening up a number of opportunities to assist you. Their skills in aerial video and photography can help accel your busness in a competive market and gain the upper hand on your product.


Emerald Pointe in Veria, Florida before construction starts to replace all the roofs

Titus Landings Updates

Dragon Pointe

Boat Chase

Emerald Pointe Roof Replacement Update 7/16

Titus Landings Update July 22

CyberdeckFlights Aerial Photography for Real Estate or Construction Progress

Truck Lives Matter 2016