About Scout UAS

Scout UAS provides drone photography, videography, and 3D reality capture for Nashville and surrounding areas. We provide 4K drone footage and 3D environment photo and video. Our drones provide top professional level photo and video capabilities for realtors, developers, contractors, and private and public companies. Our aerial drones and 3D Reality Capture services are designed for construction teams looking to further their documentation and progress monitoring.

Equipment for any size project

Our fleet of drones include the professional commercial industry leading drones. We have chosen our drones specifically for our target customers in order to provide the best value while not compromising quality.
Our fleet of drones include DJI Phantom 4 and DJI Phantom 3 drones. These drones deliver 20MP pictures, 4K @ 60fps videos, extended flight times, and a dual gimbal for extra stability for imaging.
Our drones fly with the latest information regarding air traffic, local regulations, airspace notifications, and up to the minute weather advisories. Our onsite module provides the telemetric data of every reporting aircraft in the area via RF frequency and an up to the second location map for use during our flights.
Safety is paramount and these drones provide unmatched performance and features to maximize the safety elements while on your project. With features including: object avoidance radar, live first-person-view during flight, GPS and GLONASS positioning, and built in redundancies such as Dual compass modules and dual Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs).
No downtime. We fly multiple drones and carry multiple units, batteries, and equipment inorder to always stay on task and schedule. Our Phantom drones are flown frequently, updated regularly, and calibrated at every flight for a wide variety of variables.
Aerial Construction Services is dedicated to provide our clients and community with high quality imagery, data, and construction documentation with industry driven solutions by utilizing the latest UAV and 3D technology throughout Middle Tennessee.


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