SALT19 | DRONES is FAA Part 107 certified and fully compliant with all FAA registration and licensing requirements for commercial sUAS operations.

We hold additional waivers which allow us to fly during hours of total darkness, and we can also obtain additional waivers for unique missions should they be required.

SALT19 | DRONES carries full flight liability insurance and upon request will provide a copy to our clients after bid approval. Our drones and equipment are also fully and individually insured with hull insurance, and our work vehicle is fully insured.
We may obtain an 'additional insured' document for your organization if required, and can obtain an increase in the amount of liability insurance we carry as required by the project.

SALT19 | DRONES has an exemplary safety record, has never filed a liability claim, and has no safety infraction record with the FAA, NTSB, NASA, or any state or local law enforcement after years of constant commercial flight operations.
We take safety very seriously, and perform multi-point flight and safety checks of all of our equipment before and after every flight, as well as a pre-flight inspection of the area to determine any possible flight risks (i.e. trees, power lines, cell towers, etc.).
If conditions prohibit safe flight, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to reschedule.

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107.29 - Daylight Operations (Exp: Nov. 30, 2024) - Fly a UAS at night

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