Hello and thank you for visiting my profile page here. My expertise in the drone business comes from 20+ years of engineering work at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. There I designed, built and operated laser radars (aka LiDARs) and other instrumentation to help meteorologists researching the atmosphere. Going back to drones, I own a Mavic Pro since 2017 and have done multiple types of missions with it. I thrive on serving my clients, whether a project involves consulting utilizing drones as a tool, or aerial inspections for surveyin and construction, and agricultural observations. I consult with a variety of commercial and governmental organizations. I also partner with a reliable video production company to provide and end-to-end full service experience, if the project requires one.

Since February 2020, I've been a drone flight instructor and developer of course materials for Carroll Community College's drone flight school. My latest work include a practical course on precision agriculture with the goal of helping local farmers with this great technology. I've also flown DJI Matrice M200 (for surveying and thermal work) and Parrot Bluegrass (for precision agriculture work).

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions. Looking forward to learning more about how I can help!
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  Cinematography, Drone Training, Editing, Real Estate, Roof Inspection

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